The Dames de Meuse



the legend: in the year 1080, the Lord of Hierges had three sons: Héribrand, Geoffroy and Vauthier who married the three daughters of the Lord of Rethel: Hodierne, Berthe and Ige. Shortly after their marriage, they set off with Godefroy de Bouillon for Palestine. While they were fighting in the Holy Land, Hodierne, Berthe and Ige, betraying their promise, welcomed three knights in their castles, and took them in their marital beds. But on the very day that Jerusalem was taken by storm, God, punishing the adulterous wives, changed them into three enormous rocks, attached to each other, overlooking the Meuse which were given the name the “Dames de Meuse”. Access: the 14km Dames de Meuse hike takes four hours. This moderately difficult hike is made easier thanks to the red and yellow markers and the appropriately placed signposts. Leave from Laifour railway station and go up Rue de la Gare, cross the D1 and carry straight on for 500 metres. Then take the forest path, climbing up vigorously until you reach the undergrowth running parallel to the cliffs, over 1.5 km. Finish by crossing the junction just before you get to a game fence. There is a variant, offering a route that is less steep. Although all roads may lead to Rome, the experienced hiker will turn right before crossing the fence and follow a steep path going up to the Dames de Meuse viewpoint. The site consists of three large rocky protuberances, culminating at about 400 m, covered with beech trees and located on the left bank of the Meuse, on the way out of the district of Laifour, going in the direction of Revin. The spectacle is striking and gives you a view of another country.

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