Renwez Church



Built in the 14th century, Renwez Church and the village were destroyed in 1478 by Maximilian of Austria’s troops. Further to a short invasion by some Burgundians laying waste to about forty villages in the Ardennes area, the town was set on fire and the church burnt to the ground with the local peasants who thought they would be able to find refuge there. Philippe de CROY, Lord of Montcornet and Renwez, had the church rebuilt at the end of the 15th century and beginning of the 16th century. In 1917, the Germans removed the organ’s silver, copper and pewter pipes. The bombardments in 1940 did not destroy the stained-glass windows which had been removed for safekeeping. More recently, the church has undergone some renovation works, notably on the roof, steeple, west facade and the southern gable. All that remains of the building destroyed in 1478, is the first bay of the old nave. Listed as a "Historical Monument" in 1852, the church was de-listed in 1887 and then listed again on 6 May 1913.




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